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Dry eyes are common, and can make life very difficult!

Symptoms of dry eye can include:

- Burning, itchy eyes,

- Watery eyes

- The feeling of something in the eyes

- Eye redness, and sensitivity to light

- Difficulty wearing contact lenses

Artificial tears are great, but they don't always work. They just touch the surface of your eye, literally, without reaching the root of the problem. 

At Idol Eyes Vision Care, we offer treatments that go beyond drops- we offer Radiofrequency (RF) and Intensed Pulse Light (IPL) to treat the dry and irritated eyes. 

RF uses targeted heat at 42 degrees in order to reach the blocked glands of the eyes that are responsible for the dry eye. The glands are no longer able to produce the meibum that is responsible for moisturizing and lubricating the eyes.

The targeted heat, over a few sessions, not only unblocks the glands but also rejuvenates the eyes and creates younger, tighter looking skin.

IPL is a laser that is targeted to the skin around the eyes to reduce rosacea and inflammation, which is what dry eyes are- inflammation. IPL works at unblocking the gland, and also provides treatment in the form of pigment removal around the eyes, again leading to a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. 

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