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Coloured Contact Lenses

Brown eyes, blue eyes, green, hazel and many more. Eyes come in all kinds of shades and hues but you’ll only ever have one eye colour.

But what if you could have multiple? What if you could choose the colour of your eyes and not leave it just to genetics.

The solution is coloured contact lenses!

Coloured contacts are inserted to the eyes in the same way non coloured lenses are and should feel the same too. Coloured lenses are also available in prescription!

The main difference between these lenses and non coloured contact lenses are that they have a coloured ring that lays over the Iris (the pigmented portion of the eye) that makes the eye look as though it has a different hue.

Coloured contact lenses still need to fit your eye properly, even if they don’t have a prescription. Contact us if you're interested in a contact lens fitting!

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