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A common condition for all ages, Styes are characterized as small red bumps resembling pimples, on the eyelids.

Styes appear when an oil gland in the eye is infected with bacteria. This causes the area to become inflamed and create the painful red bump and swelling that is trademark of the condition.

People become more at risk for styes if they wear expired makeup or leave it on during the night, overuse of contact lenses, or have preexisting conditions such as blepharitis or rosacea.

Styes are not a serious condition and can be relieved with a warm towel over the eyes and massaging the eyelids for about 10 minutes multiple times per day, or radiofrequency offered in our office.

Styes can’t typically affect your vision but should the painful bump and swelling persist past 48 hours, or the swelling extends past the eyelid, then call us to schedule an appointment with our doctor to have it looked at.

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