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Glasses Throughout The Ages

Everyday we come into contact with glasses, whether we are wearing them or we know someone who does. But have you ever wondered how they were invented?

The first iteration of a seeing implement is documented in 54 AD. The Roman Emperor Nero used emerald lenses to view gladiators and to combat his nearsightedness (myopia).

The general populace only began to use seeing implements in the 12 Century. They were known as Reading Stones and were handheld lenses that would be placed upon a page to magnify an image for people with farsightedness (Hyperopia).

The first true pair of glasses with a frame were developed later in Italy in the 13 Century to act as a more convenient form of the reading stone and would rest only on the nose of the user.

As well as eyeglasses- sunglasses have their origins in history.

A form of lens less sunglasses were used by the Inuit people to combat snow blindness. Made from carved bone or ivory with a thin slit for the eyes, they minimized the reflection of the snow.

Another account of sunglasses can be found in ancient China; in the form of frames holding smokey quartz lenses.

Glasses are wonderful medical aids. And their history is just as interesting. From Roman Emperors to the everyday person glasses have had their roots in history for centuries.

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