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Join our book club for a chance to win a pair of glasses!

Happy January.

We at Idol Eyes Vision Care take reading very seriously. Sometimes parent's will come in saying their children does not like to read, but in reality, sometimes they need some help with what they're seeing and reading.

So reading and eyesight to us go hand in hand. That's why we started a monthly book club, to share our passion and enjoyment of reading with all our clients and patients.

We also want to make it fun, so we're throwing in a pair of glasses to help you read that tiny font a little bit better.

This month we are reading Maid by Canadian author Nita Prose. A charming thriller with unique characters in a fun se


The glasses we are giving away are the Evidence frames with built in blue block- and can be made to any prescription.

So join along- tag us in a picture of your book club pic, and we'll enter you in a draw to win the glasses!

Happy reading!

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