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Why You Need Sunglasses In The Winter

Written by Dr. Sarah Sharma

Sunglasses all year around!

Other than looking good... It's for protection.

Just like SPF (my favourite) wearing sunglasses during the winter helps to protect our eyes.

Yes, It may be cold outside but there is still UV which is harmful to our eyes. UV exposure over time increases your risks of cataracts and macular degeneration leading ultimately to blurry vision.

Another great advantage of sunglasses is that they help against the harsh reflections we get off snow. Polarized sunglasses can be a great option if this is your main concern.

Driving when there's been a crazy snowfall and the sun is directly above the road is blinding. Without sunglasses it can make it so hard to see and this can cause accidents. So for the sake of others and the safety of yourself, reconsider!

Don’t just wear sunglasses when it’s summer- UV protection is always recommended!

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